On Site Lab & Lenses

We only provide high quality lenses, from trusted manufacturers.

To complete your eye care needs, our office has an onsite lab to edge and mount your lenses. We carry a multitude of single vision lenses and can have your glasses ready in an hour.

Our team is committed to continuing education, which means you will always have the most up-to-date information regarding technology and procedures that address your exact visual needs. We follow ongoing research and development of the most innovative technology in single vision and progressive lenses, to deliver optimal vision to our patients.

Types of Lenses

Single Vision

Available in multiple indexes and coatings, we inventory many common prescriptions to make same day glasses an option.


We offer many multi-focal options.  Bifocals, tri-focals, round top lenses, and occupational. With varying segment widths and indexes available.


The progressive lenses we recommend to you are the ones that work the best for us. After years of research and wear we are extremely confident in this lens manufacturer. We offer digitally surfaced lenses that are made specifically for you, your prescription and frame. You are provided with your choice of good, better, and best options for:  daily wear, occupational, task specific, and driving specific lenses.


The world that we live in is constantly plugged in – smartphones, computers, television and tablets.  All that screen time can be hard on your eyes and may cause digital eye strain—even if you don’t currently wear glasses. Anti-Fatigue lenses are digitally designed to reduce that eye strain and work even better when a blue-blocking coating is applied.

Students also benefit from this lens design to reduce eye strain while studying, moving from far to near work like taking notes in class causes strain in accommodative function. This lens will ease your eye muscles and result in less headaches at the end of the day.


Our licensed opticians will help you decide if a higher index lens would be recommended for your prescription and frame. Available from 1.56 index up to 1.74.

Available Coatings
  • Basic scratch
  • Industrial scratch
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Blu-select
  • Blue Light Protection
  • Crizal Anti-reflective and scratch
  • Nikon Ice Anti-reflective and scratch
 On Site Lab for frames and lenses

As independent eye care professionals we can order most lenses and coatings available to the industry.

We can edge new lenses into the same frame you’ve been wearing- as long as its in good condition.

Our lenses do have warranty on coating malfunctions.


Photochromatic lenses change while being exposed to UV rays. Now new technology makes these lenses more responsive to darken and faster to return to clear. 100% protection against UV rays with attractive tints and exceptional clarity indoors.

  • Transitions Signature
  • Vantage
  • XTRActive – available with mirror finish
  • Hoya Sensity
 On Site Lab for frames and lenses

Safety Glasses

We are part of the EyeSafe program, providing eye care and leading prescription safety eyewear to B.C. workplaces. With popular frames like Armour X, OnGuard and Wiley X available.

Prescription safety glasses are made to Canadian Safety Standards and stamped for verification. Available in single vision, progressive and multifocal lens designs with many coatings available.

Ask your employer if you are part of the EyeSafe or OVP program to get started.


With a multitude of spare parts available: nose pads, screws, temple covers, extra temples – we can repair your glasses in an hour.

All spare parts and adjustments are complimentary, stop by anytime for a quick tune up!

 On Site Lab for frames and lenses